Network Marketing Business and the New MLM Model

I have been in network marketing for a number of years and have come to find that without some knowledge of marketing, advertisement and what people are looking for, you are only spending a lot of time and energy with little or no results. A marketer must know the target market that they are after and be able and willing to help others reach their dreams and give value in the way of helpful information and tutoring.

In the old model of MLM distributors were given memorized scripts, told to make a list and go to work and get rich, very few were successful, but for those with no gift of gab it is like beating their heads against a wall, causing most to drop out and in most cases give up on their dreams.

In today’s model of MLM a successful business can be built without the frustrations of attempting to contact people unwilling to talk to you or setting up meetings with people that never show. With this new concept of social marketing all you need is available to you, such as tools needed, set ups, valuable information that can be passed on and most importantly prospects come to you. There is no longer a need to chase and beg for business partners, you actually have people contacting you for your opportunity. What we have to offer is to valuable to have to beg someone to take it, go with a model where people are happy to receive what you have to offer.

How to Use Audio Recordings to Power Up Your Business and Prospects

Before the Internet, I was working in the trenches learning the secrets of effective selling.

I’ve learned a few things over the years and now I’m going to share with you my top secrets on how to create more customers without advertising.

Using Audio Recordings to promote and find prospects will help you gain more clients.

And here’s two more ways you can use your audio infomercial to power up your business…

# 1 You Can Deliver Your Audio On The Internet…

You can provide your audio infomercial as an online mp3 download. Then you can send an email to your clients suggesting they send their friends to listen to your free audio infomercial.

This kind of “viral” marketing can be very effective. You can also add your audio to your website so your visitors can hear your voice.

# 2…You Can Use Your Audio Infomercial To Reactivate Past Clients…

This is simple…You just send your audio infomercial to your past, inactive clients and prospects. You can send a CD by mail or invite your prospects to hear your recording by sending an e-mail. This costs you nothing but the time it takes for you to hit the send button on your computer mouse.

No envelopes to stuff, no stamps to lick and virtually no cost to host and deliver your gift. You can even call your clients by phone using an online automated voice broadcasting service like Your audio will work harder for you without complaining, asking for raises, or calling in sick.

It does all the selling for you.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how many of your past clients and friends start doing business with you again. You’ll see prospects you could never sell in the past start doing business with you for the first time.

Let Audio Recordings become a Selling Machine for you and see more clients come your way.

Business and Sales Growth Secrets For 2009

The jury is still out about our current economy. Some say we will be experiencing a mild recession and others say we are on the brink of a depression. It doesn’t matter where you fall in the debate, one thing is certain, business growth is not as easy as it once was.

If you have been reading the news headlines, many CEO’s are focused on cutting costs and laying off employees. This does help short term profitability, however these actions are precisely the wrong strategy to take if you want to grow your company in a bad economy.

CEO’s who want to increase sales, profit margins and drive new business growth in 2009 should consider the following top 5 business growth success secrets.

1. Focus Marketing Dollars on Value Not Brand
Focusing your time and money on “Brand” marketing may increase name recognition however it doesn’t generate revenue. Showing customers what value your product or service provides will generate top line sales revenue. Spend more on marketing campaigns where the customer can experience your products value.

2. Stop Scaring Your New Prospects Away
Most corporate marketing campaigns, websites, sales collateral and sales processes scare customers away. From a customer’s point of view, your company looks and sounds just like your competitors. To be perceived differently and attract new customers you must stop focusing on your product features, functions, quality, customer service and company awards. You should focus more on how you solve your customers business problems.

3. Catch Amnesia
Forget how great you and your business performed last year. The past is the past. This year it’s a new game. The rules have changed and the players are different. What worked last year, will not return the same results. Re-evaluate your industry, competition, marketing strategy, sales strategy and financial management. Implement proven best practice business growth strategies.

4. Keep Score
Measure and monitor your key business growth indicators weekly. How do you know where to improve if you don’t know how you’re performing. For example, what is your customer conversion ratio, tradeshow ROI, closing ratio, marketing ROI, advertising ROI, sales cycle times, new prospect calls per week, deal size by industry, profit by product line, etc.

5. Work On Your Business, Not In It
CEO’s need to pull themselves out of the day to day issues. When times get tough, CEO’s spend more time in the details of the business. By doing this, CEO’s lose sight of what is most important, focusing on how to improve business performance in a changing competitive environment. Delegate or hire outside expertise to handle the day to day challenges. Focus more on strategic priorities.

If you are looking to grow your business in 2009, these five secrets must be part of your strategy. If you don’t think your executive team can implement these strategies then you should consult outside help. Success in 2009 is in your control.